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What do we do?

We'll take on any challenge - but we specialise in creating and optimizing digital strategies, web solutions and marketing with a personal touch that's perfect for small & mid sized companies.

Digital strategies

Preparation of a digital strategy and consulting based on your goals and wishes.

Web solutions

Creation or makeover of you website, shop, app or design,..

Digital marketing

Web presence won't do any good if you don't grow it.

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man-1 man-2


Hope is not a strategy


Web hosting and top domains,..


IT, servers, emails, payments,..


Sales, tools, processes, analytics,..


All types of websites

Online stores

Advanced websites with a shop,..

Web applications

Advances websites with a specific task,..


Copy, posts, photography, newsletter,..

Digital marketing

Combination of analytics, content and ads

Online advertising

Improve visibility and sales,..


Improve ads, SEO, content, processes,..


Slabo orodje je cesta k zamudi

Work process

Our longterm way of working is based on quick cycles

One of the most important things in our process is regular and clear communication.

In this phase we focus on a digital strategy that we prepare together with you. After that we focus on a preparation of quality content and then we start to work on your new website, app, design,..

Testing different scenarios with a purpose to optimise your processes (ads, content, conversion), we do this for a longer period.

We deliver the work, generate reports and review results together with you. Then we repeat the process.

The web is changing

Hope is not a strategy

The web is changing. Do you understand users? Are you able to capture their attention?

Customers expect more and more. Do you teach, lead and nurture the relationship with them?

Do you understand the cycle that leads to the purchase?

These days it's important that you make data-based decisions. Are you sure you're making them?

Increasing visibility & optimisation of conversion

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

Web pages, applications and socials will only work for you when you maintain, post juicy content and optimise.

We love to do that with a combination of content, social, email and ads marketingwhich depends on your level and capacity.


Focus only on things you do best

We understand: too many things to do and not enough time or people to do them. Don't let them slip away, just give it to us. In our experience the following percent of companies outsource these tasks:

Social media

Content & email

Ads & analytics


Good work for amazing clients

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